Teacher Resource Guides

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Resource Guides and other curriculum materials are essential components of NJPAC’s Arts Education Programs. The guides are based upon New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and also provide discussion ideas, activities, and reading resources to promote arts literacy in your classroom.

Each guide contains:

  • Biographies of artists and companies
  • Glossary of terms relating to the specific production
  • Vocabulary relating to the specific arts discipline
  • A historical, sociological, and/or cultural perspective on the performance
  • Pertinent pre- and post-performance activities
  • Activities on teaching science through the appropriate arts discipline
  • Bibliography and other relevant resources
  • How performances and activities can be used in the classroom and relate to NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards



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Previous Teacher Resource Guides

2015 - 2016

Romeo and Juliet

Goodnight Moon

Elio Villafranca and the Jass Syncopators

Three Little Birds

Rosa Parks

Cat in the Hat

Out of Bounds

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