Jersey Moves! Festival of Dance
NJPAC Presents Dance

Jersey Moves! Festival of Dance

The best of the Garden State’s diverse dance companies gather for a two-part showcase featuring excerpts from works that span the globe and dance genres.

Entering its third year at NJPAC, the Jersey Moves! Festival of Dance, presented in two installments, launches on March 8 with the Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, celebrating more than 30 years of creative modern dance, and 10 Hairy Legs, the new company under the artistic direction of Randy James. This exciting kick-off performance features three world premieres.

The second part of Jersey Moves!, with performances by American Repertory Ballet, Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, Cleo Mack Dance Project, tap dancer Maurice Chestnut, dancer Timothy Kochka, , dance artist Claire Porter, and American Repertory Ballet will be held on May 3.

Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company

With bold athleticism, dramatic nuance and musical range, the Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company takes audiences on intellectual and emotional journeys. Described as emotionally “resonant” (The New York Times) and “ingenious” (The Star-Ledger), the company’s 11 multi-ethnic dancers compose a uniquely talented contemporary dance ensemble, highly acclaimed for its artistic excellence as well as its extraordinary ability to communicate to audiences about dance and the creative process.

10 Hairy Legs

A repertory company composed entirely of men, 10 Hairy Legs presents James’ choreography as well as works by some of today’s most significant dancemakers. The company celebrates the tremendous technical and emotional range of the male dancer and promotes the understanding of the male role in dance. The Star-Ledger called the company's debut one of the top 20 dance events of 2012.

10 Hairy Legs will hold a free, pre-curtain workshop for ticket holders at 6:30pm. James, company members and guest musicians will demonstrate the nuances of the relationship of live music to dance.

This high-powered program features Carolyn Dorfman’s newest work Interior Designs (ID), recently named a “Top Ten Dance Event of 2013” by The Star-Ledger. ID finds the place where technology and art meet to create an unforgettably human experience. The evening also features the world premiere of Portrait Perfect, a new commissioned work by award-winning and cutting-edge choreographer Peter Chu. With his explosive movement and sinuous partnering, Chu creates a cinematic work unmasking the outer façade and inner darkness of relationships.

10 Hairy Legs features two world premieres: The Blind Man and the Elephant by Julie Bour and a quintet by Doug Elkins. James' duet Closing the Glass Door and Bour's work will be accompanied by live music.