Robert Dubac’s The Book of Moron

Robert Dubac’s The Book of Moron

Writer-performer Robert Dubac’s off-Broadway hit, The Book of Moron – a one-man comedy that combines the energy of stand-up with the thrill of live theater, takes a hilarious joy ride down the pot-holed highways of cultural hypocrisy.

Having been brainwashed by a culture that worships Kardashians over character, Trump over truth, and selfies over self-effacement, Robert Dubac (the man behind the phenomenally successful The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron?) begins this new journey with a very simple question: Who am I? What do I believe? And what’s the point?

Okay, that’s three questions, but suffice to say, Dubac has no easy answers, just voices – inner voices that come to hysterical life with razor-sharp precision. One by one, Dubac’s voices pull the audience into a hysterical alternative universe of critical thought, all in search of the bigger picture.

The Book of Moron is fast-paced, loaded with intelligent, thought-provoking conundrums and witticisms, and always a laugh a minute,” says The Denver Post.  "Robert Dubac is a master! He delves into the hypocrisies of society, providing laugh-out-loud humor for all of us,” says The Huffington Post. “This is high-concept comedy that is both provocative and brainy."