Year of the Monkey: Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company

Year of the Monkey: Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company

Chase away the winter blues and begin the year with energy, cheer, fun and wit by celebrating the Year of the Monkey with the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company!

Dancers and acrobats in dazzling costumes move to exotic music, bringing a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Get close to the creative, magical powers of the Monkey King, who can transform himself into any object he wishes and crosses the Earth in a single somersault. At this performance, the Monkey King is joined by the spirit of dragons and lions as they welcome the return of Spring.

Guest artist Gu Feng, a principal of the renowned Beijing Kunqu Theatre, portrays the Monkey King, a role he has performed with acclaim throughout the world.

Feast of the Monkey King 
After the performance, bring your friends and family to join the dancers and performers for a 10-Course banquet.
Time: Sat. Feb 6, 2016 4PM 
Place: Robert Treat Hotel Crystal Ballroom (across from NJPAC)

Arrive in the lobby a half-hour before the show to witness the magic of a paper-cutting demonstration and browse through the Silk Road Market for that special gift.

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Feb 6 Banquet


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Double Lions Welcoming Spring (Nai-Ni Chen, choreographer; Chinese folk music)

Fish in a Small Brook (Feb. 6) (Min Zhou, choreographer)

Yi Ethnic Dance (Feb. 6) (Ying Shi, choreographer)

Handkerchief Dance (Feb. 7) (Ying Shi, choreographer)

Mongolian Chopstick Dance (arranged by Sama Paraborow; music by Yunzhou Gan)

Four Segment Brocade (Guzheng/Zither Solo) (Feb. 6) (Chinese ancient tune adapted by Yuzhai Zhao; Meng Yan Yu, musician)

Elusive (Yangqin/Dulcimer Solo) (Feb. 7) (Yangzhou Gan, composer and musician)

Mirage (Nai-Ni Chen, choreographer; Glen Velez, music)

Chinese Music Ensemble of New York: In a Festive Mood, Spring on the Tian Mountain

Movable Figures (Nai-Ni Chen, choreographer; Anestis Logothetis, music)

Havoc in the Heavenly Place (traditional choreography; Chinese opera music)