Volunteer Spotlights

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Doris Revis


Doris Revis began volunteering in February 2016. Since then, Doris has been a true inspiration to younger volunteers, interns, and other employees here at NJPAC. Her efforts in volunteering earned her the 2017 Dena F. Lowenbach Volunteer of the Year Award.

Doris has what you would call a “Helping Hand” as she goes above and beyond to make sure that NJPAC guests are satisfied.

What is/was your occupation?

I retired in 2009 as Project Manager at Roche Diagnostics. I was responsible for bringing products from development to market, such as DNA and PCR testing, like you see on Ancestry.com.

Why do you volunteer at NJPAC?

Faye Holmes, a family friend, inspired me to volunteer at NJPAC. Faye was both a volunteer and staff member here.

I thought that I’d volunteer to keep myself busy and see a few shows.  Who knew what a rewarding experience it would be?  I absolutely love it!

What are you passionate about?

Besides my granddaughter who’s attending Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing in California, I’m passionate about our youth and NJPAC’s Arts Education programs.  Those are my kids!

What do you like about NJPAC?

Camaraderie and teamwork. Teamwork among ushers, staff, and other volunteers is what makes NJPAC great!

What is your favorite restaurant downtown?

Chateau of Spain on Franklin Street in Newark. I love their bread and the shrimp in garlic sauce!


Shirlene Wonzer

2017 Kandace Dickinson Award Recipient

Shirlene Wonzer hails from East Orange and has logged over 800 hours of service since she began volunteering at NJPAC only 3 years ago. With a fantastic smile and an impeccable sense of style, we at House Management know that when we see her name listed as a Program Monitor, Membership, CIC, or especially as the Coat Check volunteer, that we’re in great hands.

What is/was your occupation?

Prior to my disability in 2011, I was the Administrative Assistant/Manager at Summer Hill Sr. Apartments.

When did you start volunteering at NJPAC - did another volunteer tell you about it or was it your own initiative perhaps after seeing a production here or reading something about the arts center?  

Shortly after being introduced to Ginny Bowers Coleman around May of 2015 by Alice White, I became a volunteer.

Why do you volunteer at NJPAC? Do you have a favorite volunteer job?

I thoroughly enjoy participating in a wide variety of different volunteer opportunities offered by NJPAC.

What are you passionate about?

 I am passionate about volunteer services and being recognized as a valued volunteer.

What do you like about NJPAC?

Being an active volunteer at NJPAC allows you to be a part of the best performing arts center in N.J, while simultaneously allowing you to enjoy an awesome variety of events. Since there is always something different taking place, as a volunteer, you can’t go wrong with whatever decision you make.

What is your favorite restaurant downtown and why?

My all-time favorite restaurant downtown had to be Dukes Southern Style Dining on Clinton Place. Unfortunately, it is now closed. However, its great music and even better food will keep it at the top of my list for years to come.