Capital letters

Bold new signage ”re-visualizes” the Arts Center.


When our contractors shout “Give me an ‘N’!,” ya gotta hand it to them.


The Arts Center’s famed acronym, prominently displayed at the top of the lobby façade for a little more than two decades, was gingerly replaced this month, letter by letter, to make way for a brushed silver-colored NJPAC outlined in blazing orange – also built to last.


In addition, beginning on July 15, Victoria Theater, Prudential Hall, NICO Kitchen + Bar, and Military Park Garage all underwent “face” lifts: Signage was designed in the custom font known as NJPAC Sans, which can be seen on Arts Center paraphernalia ranging from floor-to-ceiling banners and pocket-size brochures to T-shirts and bumper magnets. 



Under the supervision of angie, a marketing and visual communications company in Hackensack, CAD Signs dispatched a pair of boom trucks outfitted with 135- and 140-foot cranes to hoist the giant aluminum letters skyward. Each of the lowercase characters weighs from 75 to 100 pounds and the longest (“j”) is about 14 feet, says Jay Dority, NJPAC’s Director of Facilities and Capital Projects, of the letter he most identifies with.


One challenge was the pinpoint repositioning the trucks to allow the cranes to extend safely through the openings in the building’s structural steel canopy. Another was to convince nesting birds to find new digs outside the old hollow letters detached from the brickwork. The new NJPAC sign is sealed with a backing to deter unwanted tenants.


Like the original, the new logo will be up-lit by lamps focused on each of the letters. The illumination will be the final dramatic touch, just as August arrives.


August 1, 2018