Date: January 13, 2022 @ 12PM
Venue: Betty Wold Johnson Stage at Prudential Hall
Price: $15 per person
Grades: 6–12
Performing Arts Focus: Theater
Curriculum: Theater, Storytelling, Social Studies

Teacher Resource Guide
Activity Sheet
Pre-show Video
Post-show Video

Due to the increase in Covid cases, this performance has been canceled.

Bring your students for an in-person field trip to NJPAC to experience Lorraine Hansberry’s dramatic masterpiece. This groundbreaking play from 1959 is as relevant as ever today. It follows the Youngers, an African American family who have big hopes in their small house on the south side of Chicago. As they grapple with prejudice, history and a world that is changing around them, will their dreams be deferred? Every student should see this play at least once in their lifetime, and this is your opportunity to introduce it to your class.

What you get:

  • Live performance at NJPAC
  • Post-show Q&A with artists
  • Teacher Resource Guide

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