Date: Apr 19 – May 2, 2021
Runtime: 45 – 50 minutes
Grades: 5 – 12
Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, History, Music (The Blues)
Package A: Schooltime Lite – $75.00 Video Rental Only
Package B: Schooltime Deep – $125.00 per classroom

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Pre-show Video
Post-show Video

Take a field trip right from home! Don’t miss this one-man performance on immigration and escaping slavery in the U.S.

Invite your students to a viewing of a one-man play that brings to life the powerful stories of John P. Parker, a former enslaved man who dedicated his life to helping slaves escape through the Underground Railroad. Drawn from historical research, Parker’s tale is woven together with interviews from contemporary immigrants who tell their stories of searching for a haven in modern-day America.

The performance, written by David Gonzalez, features blues guitar by Gonzalez with performance and additional text by Daniel Carlton. Students will have the opportunity to explore and celebrate the continuing quest for justice and freedom in America.

For parents interested in this Schooltime event for Homeschooling, please get in touch with our School Programs Team by filling out the form below.

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