Ages: 15–18
Dates: Aug 8–Sep 2
Rehearsals are all day in August and after school in September.
Tuition: Free
Auditions are required. Please call 973-297-5863 to schedule an audition.

If you are a tap dancer (or any other type of dancer), actor or singer SIGN UP TODAY to audition for the opportunity to work with NJPAC’s Dance Advisor and Tony Award® -winner Savion Glover as he directs a new musical workshop, CITY KID!.

CITY KID: Through high-voltage music and dance, CITY KID brings to life the passions of today’s teens. From the naïve arrogance of youth, through the pain and disillusionment of bad choices and fatal errors, CITY KID tells the story of kids trying to navigate life as they struggle to understand what it really means to be a CITY KID.

Candidates must look like they are 15-18 years old to participate. Candidates should prepare an audition piece of three minutes or less and should be prepared to read sides from the script. All candidates (including tap dancers) should have experience and comfort singing while performing movement.

Auditions are required. Please email: Danielle Vauters, for audition questions.

Character Description


  • Jimmy: 15-16 – Innocent, optimistic; Goal- to become a ‘city kid’
  • Anna: 15-16 – Pretty popular, discontent; Goal- looking to find something meaningful in her life
  • Slick: 18 – the ‘man’ among the boys so he’s their leader; Cynical, charismatic, ambitious; Goal is to expand his territory and influence.
  • Danny: 17 – Cool, appealing, Intuitive, conflicted; Goal- to maintain his status with Slick in spite of Mr. Doe’s wisdom which he tries to ignore.
  • Lena: 18 – The lead ‘female’ in charge of the girls (except Anna who’s ambivalent); She’s powerful, cynical, charismatic, transactional; She sees Slick as her partner; Goal- to expand her power, wealth
  • Baddboy: 18 – A brute, King of Jefferson St; Goal – to take down Slick



  • Stomp: 16 – Strong, Slick’s lieutenant; Goal- to follow Slick
  • Fever: 16 – Sensitive, maybe slightly effeminate; Goal- to follow Slick
  • Jock: 16 – Athletic, punky; Goal- to follow Slick
  • Mikey: 15 – Younger than the others; Goal- to keep up with the boys


  • Monica: 16 – Attitude, ambition; Goal – to follow Lena
  • Crystal: 16 – Party girl; Goal- to follow Lena
  • Niki: 16 – Anna’s closest friend; Goal- to follow Lena
  • Rose: 15 – The most naïve; Goal- to keep up with the girls