Colin Quinn: One in Every Crowd

Colin Quinn: One in Every Crowd

Colin Quinn: One in Every Crowd Tour – because there’s always one person in every group situation who ruins everything

From his MTV days to Saturday Night Live to Comedy Central to Broadway, Colin Quinn is apparently refusing to leave the business – so if you enjoyed his other shows, or you’re just at a place in life where you feel lost and need some intelligent laughs, come see his new show, One in Every Crowd. 

Quinn first rose to national prominence when he became a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live, where he occupied the “Weekend Update” anchor seat. Later, he starred in his own hit series on Comedy Central, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Since then, Quinn has lent his unique comic take to a series of successful one-man shows on Broadway, including Colin Quinn: An Irish Wake, My Two Cents, Unconstitutional, and the recent New York Story. His Colin Quinn: Long Story Short, which was directed by Jerry Seinfeld, was recorded and aired as a stand-up special on HBO.

In addition to his stage and television success, Quinn has starred on the big-screen in Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 (opposite Adam Sandler), in A Night at the Roxbury, and most recently as Amy Schumer's father in Trainwreck. He also starred earlier this year in the Netflix film Sandy Wexler (again with Sandler), and has been featured in a recurring role (as Hermie) on the HBO series, Girls.

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