Franco Escamilla: Payaso

Franco Escamilla: Payaso

World-renowned funnyman Franco Escamilla, one of the world’s leading Spanish-speaking comedians, makes his NJPAC debut with his brand-new tour, Payaso (Clowns).

Mexico-born musician and stand-up performer Franco Escamilla – often referred to as “El Diablo” or “El Amo del Sarcasmo” (The Master of Sarcasm) – is known around the globe for a unique comedic style that is rough, biting, and seasoned with a healthy dose of black humor.

Already a sensation on YouTube, Escamilla’s live performances have sold out at venues around the world, including Mexico City’s Auditorio Nacional and the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles. Since 2017, he has also starred in a number of his own successful stand-up specials, including Franco Escamilla: El Comediante del Sombrero on Comedy Central, and Por la Anécdota and Bienvenido al Mundo, both on Netflix.

“Franco Escamilla gets everyone laughing all night long, from beginning to end,” says Living Out Loud Los Angeles. “If you have an opportunity to attend his stand-up show, don’t miss it – because you will definitely have fun!”