Nai Ni Chen/Ahn Trio: A Quest for Freedom

Nai Ni Chen/Ahn Trio: A Quest for Freedom

NJ’s own Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company joins forces with the world-renowned Ahn Trio, three Korean-American sisters known for their unique spin on the piano trio, in a program set to music of David Bowie, Prince, Pat Metheny and more.

A Quest for Freedom is a collaboration in which music and dance are integrated in a poetic, magical way. The dance is inspired by choreographer Nai-Ni Chen’s own story, of about coming from Taiwan to New York to create a company that merges Eastern and Western influences.

Seven exquisite dancers from the Chen’s company will perform to music performed live on stage by the Ahn Trio, including works by contemporary composers like Kenji Bunch, Pat Metheny, David Balakrishnan, and Ron Yedidia. The centerpiece of the evening will be two pop music classics, recently developed by the Ahn Trio: Prince’s “Purple Rain,” and David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”

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Part of the World Music Series sponsored by American Express


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Space Oddity
Music: David Bowie – “Space Oddity” (arr. Kenji Bunch)
Dancers: Company

Concrete Stream
Music: Kenji Bunch

Heart Asks Pleasure First
Music: Michael Nyman (excerpt)
Performed by the Ahn Trio

Music: Zoe Keating
Dancers: Company

Music: Kenji Bunch (excerpt)
Performed by the Ahn Trio

Music: Chiel Meijering - Candybox
Dancers: Company


Shapes of Water
Music: Pat Metheny - Yuryung (written for Ahn Trio)
Dancers: Company

Alone but not alone
Dancer: Patrick Piras

Music: David Balakrishnan (arr. Kenji Bunch)
Performed by the Ahn Trio

Dream Land
Music: David Bowie/Pat Metheny - This is Not America (arr. Jürgen Dahmen)
Dancers: Company

Music: Kenji Bunch – “Night Flight”
Dancers: Company