WBGO Children's Concert: Oran Etkin
  • Nov 10 , 2018
  • Victoria Theater
  • Reservations

WBGO Children's Concert: Oran Etkin

TD James Moody Jazz Festival

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and rising world music star Oran Etkin takes young audiences on an interactive, musical journey around the world!

Timbalooloo, Oran Etkin’s popular new method of teaching, is an approach that fundamentally reimagines the way music is taught to and conceived by children. His award-winning CD, Wake Up, Clarinet!, and his live performances for families literally bring instruments to life as characters in a story.

Etkin’s groundbreaking work in music education is also informed by his own creative endeavors in world music. "He is a musician with his ears wide open, absorbing influences from West Africa, the Far East and Europe,” says The Irish Times. “He creates world music in the true sense, not a lazy hybrid but a personal sound born out of deep respect for diverse musical traditions."

The WBGO Kids Jazz Concert Series brings world-renowned jazz musicians to concert halls and venues throughout New Jersey’s Essex County. These hour-long concerts give young listeners the chance to discover the enjoyment of jazz, improvisation and musical collaboration.

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