Share and Care 35th Annual Gala: Mallika Sarabhai & Company

Share and Care 35th Annual Gala: Mallika Sarabhai & Company

Mallika Sarabhai, one of India’s leading dancer-choreographers for over three decades now, arrives with her acclaimed company, Darpana, and a program that includes two captivating, full-length dance works.

As a performer, Sarabhai first gained international notice when she played the role of Draupadi in Peter Brook’s epic production of The Mahabharata. Performing the role first in French and later in English, she delighted critics and audiences alike in France, Australia, Japan, Scotland, and throughout North America.

Since then, Sarabhai’s own choreography has helped to expand the vocabulary of classical Indian dance, blending the traditional with the contemporary. Since she created her seminal 1989 solo work, Shakti: The Power of Women, Sarabhai has also continued to fuse her art with her role as an activist for societal education and women’s empowerment, using dance to raise awareness and advocate for change.

As part of this Share and Care 35th Annual Gala, Sarabhai and company bring two full-length works: Love Songs to Shiva, a highly emotional, ultimately joyous piece for eight dancers, performed in Tamil; and Finding My Voice, a provocative work that addresses issues ranging from global warming to growing intolerance in the world, performed in Tamil, Urdu, Hindustani and English.

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