The Scarf Diaries

The Scarf Diaries

Written and produced by Antoinette Ellis-Williams, and directed by Bill Lee, Scarf Diaries is an intimate, one-woman play composed of multiethnic, intergenerational vignettes and monologues that tell stories about “women, life and entanglements.”

Scarves serve as visual conduits to these complex, often moving narratives about religion, culture, sexuality, work, childbirth, mourning, abuse, sickness, beauty and choices. According to Scarf Diaries creator Antoinette Ellis-Williams: “Women wrap, drape, cover, hide and adorn themselves with scarves throughout the world. For some women, they are symbols of private convents, pain, shame, secrets or ugliness – and for others, they are declarations of independence, joy or tributes of honor. If scarves could tell our stories, they would speak of these truths ...”

Dr. Ellis-Williams, a professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at New Jersey City University, is a scholar, minister, mother, wife, activist, poet and artist.

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