With, Antenna: The Label Concert
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With, Antenna: The Label Concert

An NJPAC debut! With their motto, "Good People, Good Music," Antenna becomes one entertainment family in With, Antenna: The Label Concert.

The cast features Jung Jaehyung, Toy (Yoo Huiyeol), Lucid Fall, Peppertones, Park Saebyul, Lee Jinah, Jung Seunghwan, Kwon Jonah, and Sam Kim. Lee Soojung of Kpop Star 5 joins the lineup this year, and audiences love the new energy she brings! 

The Hello, Antenna concerts, which were previously held in Korea, gained enough attention to expand across borders. From the beginning to the end, the show has been received with overwhelming enthusiasm as the colorful set list of artists transcends generations and genres. 

The “Antenna Warriors,” composed of Yoo Huiyeol and other artists, set the sound and the stage of the concert, while the “Antenna Angels” – newer artists – show off their skills and manners, coming together as 11 people, 10 teams, but one family. With diverse sounds and vibes, the Antenna Label Concert will become a new concert brand, not only in Korea, but also in the U.S. 

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