Year of the Dog, Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company

Year of the Dog, Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company

Colorful costumes, twirling ribbons, dancing dragons – they’re all a part of Year of the Dog, a dance and music celebration of the Chinese New Year, courtesy of NJ’s acclaimed Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company.

Choreographer Nai-Ni Chen and her dancers fuse the dynamic freedom of American modern dance with the grace and splendor of Asian art. Their spectacular productions take audiences beyond cultural boundaries, to a place where tradition meets innovation and freedom arise from discipline. The company has received more than 15 awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, and numerous Citations of Excellence from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. 

Chen and company specialize in “a remarkably smooth blend of the new and the old, as well as a confident, intensely personal approach to nature,” says The New York Times, which has described Chen’s dancers as “endlessly proliferating forces of cosmic energy.”

“With their intriguing choreography of traditional and modern Chinese dance, elaborate costuming, and a variety of music, this company succeeds in delighting persons of all ages,” says 

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Year of the Dog Celebration

Lion Dance
Choreography: Nai-Ni Chen
Music and costumes: Chinese folkloric

Nai-Ni Chen Youth Program
2pm performance: Spring Breeze and Blessing from the Tang Court
7pm performance: Mulan and Spring Breeze

Dream of Dunhuang
Choreography: Nai-Ni Chen
Music: Tao Chen

Bamboo Rap
Choreography: Nai-Ni Chen
Hip-Hop Consultant: Dister Rondon
Music: Bamboo Rap by Zhang Chung Chuang

Little Sisters of Grassland
Guzheng solo: Wei Sun

Yung Ge-Harvest Dance
Choreography: Wei Chen
Music and costumes: traditional folk


Chinese Music
Nan Zhang, erhu
Lu Liu, pipa
Wei Sun, guzheng
Fisherman's Song at Dusk and Dance of the Yao Tribe

The Way of Five-Metal
Choreography: Nai-Ni Chen
Music: Gerald Chenoweth

Dream of Peacocks
Choreographed and performed by Lina Liu

Hubei Coin Stick Dance
Arrangement: Nai-Ni Chen in cooperation with Qiao Zeng and Min Zhou
Music and costumes: Chinese folkloric

Dragon Dance
Choreography: Nai-Ni Chen
Music: Peng Xiuwen and Cai Huiq