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Meals and wheels


When producers of Jeep’s Uncharted Adventure decided to cast a culinary Indiana Jones for the first of their three-episode video series, they turned the lens on New Jersey celebrity chef Ryan DePersio. The Executive Chef of NICO Kitchen + Bar at NJPAC – and the mastermind behind Montclair’s Fascino – DePersio takes viewers along for a ride as he runs errands and consults with other foodies in his orbit. Climb aboard by clicking here — and keep an eye out for the quick-cut homage to The Sopranos.

In Uncharted Adventure, DePersio gets to grip the wheel of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee (“only for a day”), navigating through Jersey’s cities and suburbs while he orders goodies from Calandra’s bakery, checks in on his culinary mentor – Mom – at Fascino and pulls up to NICO and NJPAC for a meeting with Chef de Cuisine Adam Rose. (“This is great,” DePersio says as he takes a prime parking spot right at the entrance. “To be in the New Jersey Performing Arts Center is huge.” Thanks for the props!)

The video also includes a sneak preview of Battello, DePersio’s new venture with Cory Checket, owner of the Turtle Club in Hoboken. Scheduled to debut early next month, the Jersey City restaurant – in Newport, at Washington Boulevard and the pier – has panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline. DePersio says it’s been his dream to create a menu with an abundance of Italian seafood dishes. Frutti di mare, à la Jersey.

Feb. 18, 2014