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Ticketmaster scanners


One Beep and You’re In

scanner-300x232WEB.jpgUshers on duty for the Willie Nelson & Family Live in Concert tour were all ears: They were attending an orientation on how to use NJPAC’s ticket scanners for the first time that night and had to learn to differentiate a beep from a blip. Or maybe a blap.

The devices, provided by Ticketmaster, have to deliver on speed and ease. That’s why staffers will become less concerned with reading the scanner’s screen and more accustomed to listening to two “audible reads,” basically meaning “stop” and “go,” says Kevin Klofta, Client Development Director for Ticketmaster.

More than 20 scanners, available only in basic black, don’t look slick, but are efficient little jobbers. Besides allowing patrons to make their way out of the rain and snow and into the lobby more quickly, they sound off when they detect ticket fraud or duplication. They can read print-at-home tickets, a first for NJPAC, and can track audience members if they exit and re-enter the building at intermission.

While a green checkmark on the display is an all-clear, a red X is trouble, an alert that a ticket might be a duplicate or bear a wrong date or time. Ushers are asked to “respect the message,” says Klofta, by taking immediate action, such as directing the patron to a designated window at the box office.

Robin Jones, NJPAC’s Director of House Management, gave two thumbs-up to the scanner premiere, which was assisted by Ticketmaster representatives standing alongside NJPAC team members. NJPAC announced on May 16 that it had chosen Ticketmaster as its exclusive ticket vendor.