A two-time Emmy Award-winning production, including an appearance by Danny Elfman!

It’s one of the most fruitful creative collaborations of all time: film director Tim Burton and film composer Danny Elfman. Together, they’ve imagined Hollywood’s most visionary movies, including Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Big Fish. In this live concert spectacular, Elfman’s unforgettable music comes to life with a full choir and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, enhanced by Burton’s vivid original sketches, drawings and film clips on the big screen.

“Dramatic storytelling in its purest form… Utterly evocative from the outset—chilling, rousing, innocent, and epic—Elfman has the incredible ability to bring Tim Burton’s pictures to unique and individual life through music.”

The Upcoming

“For all the costumed spectacle and fun, this event was a substantive, rich and revealing concert. Mr. Elfman’s music and Mr. Burton’s cinematic images are intricately enmeshed.”

The New York Times