You Are Welcome

Our dedicated customer service team is well-trained and experienced in assisting with any needs you might have while here at NJPAC. Call or email us in advance with any questions, concerns or special requests. We can’t wait to welcome you and make your visit as easy and pleasant as possible.

Hearing loss? Call NJ relay services at 711.

Blind or vision loss

Braille signage is available throughout NJPAC, including elevators, restrooms, salons, seating boxes and emergency stairwell exits.

Limited Mobility

We offer designated areas for wheelchair users who want to remain in their wheelchair, and those who prefer to transfer to a theater seat. Adjacent seats are also available for purchase. Staff can assist you from the front door of the theater to your seats. All levels of NJPAC are accessible by elevator. There are accessible parking spaces in all NJPAC parking lots and Military Park garage across the street.

Service Animals

We’re happy to welcome your registered service animal. Please contact us first so we can be prepared for your arrival.

hearing impaired

We’re happy to provide assisted listening devices upon request. The FM system in Prudential Hall Betty Wold Johnson Stage and the Victoria Theater Lizzie & Jonathan Tisch Stage require a special receiver for each person. Whether or not you wear a hearing aid, we offer under-the-chin headsets and neck loops (personal teleloop) for t-coil users. In the Chase Room, we offer Sennheiser infrared devices. We’ll ask for a driver’s license or credit card as a deposit.

Sign Language Interpretation

ASL Interpretation is available by request for certain performances with two weeks’ or more advance notice. Call 973-297-5843 Mon – Fri 9AM – 5PM, or email


All restrooms are wheelchair accessible and have been rated some of the best in the state. Restrooms are located on all five levels on both sides of Prudential Hall Betty Wold Johnson Stage and on both levels of the Victoria Theater Lizzie & Jonathan Tisch Stage. Restrooms for the Chase Room are adjacent to the room.

A gender inclusive restroom is located on the second tier, house right side of the Prudential Hall Betty Wold Johnson Stage.