Kashmir – The Live Led Zeppelin Show
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Kashmir – The Live Led Zeppelin Show

If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing a live Led Zeppelin concert, dream no more: KASHMIR: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute will transport you back to the glory days of one of the most iconic rock units of all time, hitting every stop and every classic Zeppelin hit along the way.

KASHMIR: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute was created by acclaimed vocalist Jean Violet back in 2000. Since then, the production has grown from the streets of New York City into one of the world’s top Led Zeppelin tribute bands. The group’s primary focus is to capture all the raw energy and rock artistry of a genuine Led Zeppelin concert. It’s all here: Plant’s powerhouse vocals, Page’s celebrated double-neck guitar, Bonham’s distinctive drum solos, plus a flashy presentation and a long list of Zeppelin’s greatest hits. This is the most authentic representation of Led Zeppelin on the touring scene, sure to take fans back to the days when the mighty Zeppelin ruled the musical landscape.

“Kashmir is not your typical tribute band,” says “(This) is a four-piece ensemble of artists who not only play Zeppelin tunes, but assume the roles of the original members. (Kashmir) stands out from other acts that mimic the iconic group – they bring fans back to the glory days of Led Zeppelin, and they look and sound fierce while doing it …”

The members of Kashmir include Jean Violet (vocals, harmonica), Andy Urban (guitars, theremin, bow), Paul Cooper (drums), and Felix Hanemann (bass, keys, mandolin).

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