Victoria Theater

The perfect fit for major productions, such as live broadcasts, film or television shoots, televised awards events, benefits, concerts, film screenings, concert dance performances, dinners on stage, seminars and religious services.

Key Rental Points

  • Seating capacity: 511 (maximum)
  • Stage dimensions: 40’ wide X 39’4” deep, plus wings and fly space
  • Loading dock: dedicated dock to accommodate one tractor trailer
  • Backstage spaces: Artist lounge and dressing room facilities for more than 75 artists
  • Spring wood floor, no traps, with marley or Masonite floor available
  • Orchestra pit, which can be lowered for musicians or raised to extend stage
  • 39 manual single purchase counterweight line sets
  • Full complement of soft goods and portable rigging inventory
  • DJ equipment available
  • Local 21 stagehand union. Local 1 or Local 52 have no jurisdiction
  • Box office services (required with ticketed rental)
  • Ticketmaster house
  • Full technical specifications available upon request
  • Full inventory of tables, chairs and risers for your event

Victoria Theater Stage Tour