Performing Arts Focus:
Music, Dance/Movement
Curriculum Connections:
Math, literacy
21st Century Skills Addressed:
Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

During this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn how to tap young children’s love of music and movement to spark meaningful explorations of math by using the art forms as a teaching tool. Teachers will walk away with simple strategies for creating songs and facilitating movement in the early childhood classroom. Workshop participants will also learn how to link these lessons to literacy and empower children to actively apply critical thinking skills and evaluate their learning.

Learning Goals:

  • Create simple songs and movement to teach math content.
  • Identify curricular connections in using song, chant, and movement as a teaching tool.
  • Provide arts techniques for facilitating interactive storytelling to reinforce emergent literacy.
  • Enliven learning experiences about children’s songs by creating sensory experiences in the classroom.