Grades: 5 – 12
6 sessions: $1,200
12 sessions: $2,400
Curriculum Connections: English Language Arts, Math, Music, Social Studies, Social & Emotional Development, Theater

Hip Hop Dance
This high-energy approach to movement, expressed with power, individuality and purpose, offers a collective experience influenced by various styles of dance. Students at all levels of training learn classic hip hop dance styles, from breaking, popping and locking to today’s trends. Students learn and create self-titled choreography and experience improvisational freestyle dance cyphers.

Hip Hop Emceein’/Rap (Rhythm and Poetry)
Students make a statement about what is important to them by creating a written-word piece with percussive or melodic rhythms and sounds. These writings will be shared out loud with others in a high-energy experience.

Hip Hop Beatboxing
Students use their breath, voice and mouth to create sounds by mimicking what they hear or imagine. The class will learn to use beatboxing as an instrument for recordings or live performances.