Ages: 10-18
Spring Semester:  Feb 1-Apr 25
Times: 10AM-2PM
Semester: $400
Year: $700

Dive into the culture of hip hop in this Saturday program. You’ll learn how to take the issues that are important to you and your community, and transform them into incredible, meaningful, original Hip Hop works of art!

Movement – Breakin/Classic Hip Hop Dance, Today’s Trends and Choreography

Emcee’in/Rap – Lyric Writing, Spoken Word Poetry, Recording and Performance


Sheikia S. Norris, lyrically known as Purple Haze, resides in Newark, New Jersey. Purple connects with students intentionally through powerful engagement and love for Hip Hop culture and community. Enthusiasts of the art form appreciates her energy, impeccable flow and a clever deliverance of truth. Purple has mastered her own rich style of delivering lyrics and developing parallel teaching techniques. Rapidly growing a reputation for being a lead contributor to Hip Hop education and cultural preservation, Purple is passionate about collectively bridging art & culture, education & wellness.