Calling all Elementary School Teachers!  
Invitation to apply to NJPAC’s Arts Integration Initiative

“Studies find that integration of the arts with instruction in other academic subjects increases student learning and achievement and helps teachers more effectively meet the needs of all students.” (Policy Pathway: Embracing Arts Education to Achieve Title 1 Goals, California Alliance for Arts Education, 2015)

NJPAC’s Arts Integration Initiative is a multi-year professional development series designed to support K-5 classroom teachers in the natural progression of arts integration practice. Through a series of workshops, training and artistic experiences a cohort of chosen teachers will explore the spectrum of integrating arts in the classroom.

After such a challenging few years in the teaching field, NJPAC is creating a space for teachers who want to reignite their love of teaching and learning through the development of a creative practice. The Arts Integration pilot will focus on joy, creative confidence building and expanding possibility through art making. Capacity is limited.

Arts Integration Program Offerings and Commitments:

  • First year pilot is an introduction to Creative Practice at no cost to the teacher
  • 6 Professional Development sessions over the course of the year including: “Building Creative Confidence”, “Why Creativity Matters”, and creativity deep dives in theater, music, and dance
  • 6 hour-long Classroom Support Sessions with a NJPAC Teaching Artist
  • Plus 12 Monthly “Creative Spark” prompts to keep the juices flowing
  • Professional Development credit offered & small stipend to support creativity in your classroom

Roughly 26 hour commitment over the course of the year.

How to Participate:

  • We encourage K-5 teachers to apply as part of a team including an arts specialist, when possible (max 4 teachers).
  • If you are unable to apply as part of a team but are still interested in joining this program, we encourage you to apply as an individual.
  • Complete the application at the link below and have your principal approve the application in support of your potential participation

Application deadline (extended): September 26, 2022

Contact Natalie Dreyer at