Grades: K–5
5 Sessions:
10 Sessions:
Curriculum Connections: English Language Arts, Health & Physical Education, Social & Emotional Development, Social Studies, Theater

Storytelling Through Drama
In this residency, students will use their actor’s tools of body, voice and imagination to explore story, characters and emotions. They will experiment collaboratively and individually with different aspects of theater, which may include pantomime, group storytelling, character voice, character physicality, gesture and more. Over the course of the program, students will grow to better understand themselves — and others.

Storytelling Through Dance
In this movement-driven residency, students play with physical expression and the art form of dance as a way to explore story, characters and emotions. Students will experiment with elements of movement including body, space, time, energy, relationship and rhythm, both individually and as an ensemble. They’ll develop new tools for expressing themselves, and connect with the language of their own body.