In a time of constant change and overlapping challenges, how are Newark’s most creative thinkers working, evolving – and thriving?

Join us every Tuesday at 6PM on Instagram Live to have an in-depth conversation with the young innovators who’ve made this city’s tight-knit community one of the most diverse, interesting, and active in the state.

You’ll be able to ask them questions about their work, their response to the pandemic, and the Black Lives Matter movement – and learn more about the energy that’s making New Jersey’s largest city so resilient.

This week, meet Diana Candelejo, an Ecuadorian-American painter, illustrator, and social justice advocate, who’s traveled around the globe studying her art, and brought a world of insight to her Newark practice. Born in France, Diana later migrated to Newark where she attended Arts High School. She studied Renaissance art in Florence and traveled to 13 countries around the world on academic scholarships pursuing her passion. Find out how she’s now engaging with and advancing social justice through her activist artwork – all while holding down a 9-to-5 job.