The word bokanté means “exchange” in Creole. And this world music supergroup is a true exchange, with 8 musicians from 4 continents creating a rich fusion of electric blues, Afro-pop, jazz and folkloric Caribbean styles.


  • Guitarists Michael League, Chris McQueen, and Bob Lanzetti (all from Grammy Award-winning jazz and funk collective Snarky Puppy)
  • French-Creole singer-songwriter and vocalist Malika Tirolien
  • Percussion legend Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon, Sting)
  • Pedal and lap steel virtuoso Roosevelt Collier (Lee Boys, Karl Denson)
  • Unplaceable percussionists André Ferrari (Väsen) and Keita Ogawa (Banda Magda, Yo-Yo Ma)

“Though the ensemble is multilingual, multicultural, and multi-generational, we all feel connected as musicians and people. And in combining our different accents I feel that there is a strangely common and poignant sound, one that can reach and relate to listeners around the world.”

–Bokanté co-founder Michael League