Learn the origins of the New Jersey Symphony, now celebrating its centennial season. In the mid-19th century, classical music aficionados were among the thousands of German immigrants who settled in Newark, New Jersey, and other U.S. cities. The Eintracht Orchestra and Singing Society of Newark — founded in 1846 — set the stage for what in the next century became the New Jersey Orchestra, primarily active in its early years in Montclair and Orange. After growing by leaps and bounds and becoming a busy state orchestra by the 1960s, the orchestra returned to its home base in Newark and the grand Mosque Theatre was renamed Symphony Hall in honor of its new tenants. A move north a few blocks in 1997 to the new New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) gave the symphony the spectacular concert hall it had always craved in a city renowned as a center of the arts.


Helen Paxton, author of the recently published centennial history of the orchestra
Michael Redmond, former classical music critic of The Star-Ledger
Gabriel van Aalst, CEO of New Jersey Symphony

This event will be held at Newark Public Library. 



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