Vic DiBitetto—“The Italian Hurricane”—returns to NJPAC! Get ready for a night of “blue-collar comedy in a red sauce” with one of Jersey’s own.

On TV, the big screen, and comedy stages across the country, America’s Funniest People grand prize winner Vic DiBitetto mixes honesty, humanity and frenetic high-energy to create nonstop laughter.

Once described as a cross between Rodney Dangerfield and Ralph Kramden, DiBitetto first gained national attention when he earned over 500 million YouTube views for his now-famous Bread and Milk routine. From there, he created a variety of viral video characters, including Tony Gaga, That Guy, Frankie Pentangelli, Fool by the Pool, and Ticked Off Vic.

Don’t miss his Italian-flavored comedy for two nights only at NJPAC.