On Saturday June 18th, EvoluCulture in partnership with NJPAC City Verses Celebrate Juneteenth weekend and Black Music Appreciation Month.

This is a showcase displaying melanated artistry. A fusion of poetry and Black American Music (AKA “Jazz,” but also Hip Hop, Country and more) surrounded by significant Black art and literature at Source of Knowledge bookstore. What began as a bookstore has evolved into a community center that centers Black art, Black literature, culture, and community. They create space for young people to discover themselves amongst their shelves, for students to dig deeper into Radical Black thought and for local Newark artists to gather in community and love.

This event will also recognize the Texas born holiday of Juneteenth, which started as commemoration when enforcement of the Emancipation Proclamation (and eventually the 13th Amendment) finally reached parts of the former confederate state not active in the Civil War, ending chattel slavery in that form.

Of course, the oppression continues in other forms to this day, but so does our resistance, progression and love…all in various sounds.