Welcome to NJPAC’s Zen Den

Excellent work, particularly of the creative and innovative kind, needs rest and relaxation just as much as it requires time actively engaged in work.
Max Frenzel
AI Researcher and writer

How to enjoy the zen den

What is the Zen Den?

The Zen Den is a place for NJPAC employees to relax, reflect, and be creative.

Spending more time resting and less time actively engaged in work not only boosts creativity and the ability to problem-solve, but it also makes the time actually spent on work more efficient.

Find out more about the importance of rest HERE


Where is the Zen Den?

Grand Tier, Salon E


How do I use the Zen Den?

Book a 30-minute Zen Den session by:

  1. Add the Zen Den to your Google Calendar
  2. Create a calendar invite from the Zen Den calendar and invite yourself to the meeting


When should I use the Zen Den?

During your normal working hours, and outside of your lunch hour. 


What will be in the Zen Den?

Comfy furniture, arts activities, books, and links to meditations, yoga/stretching videos, and calming playlists.

take a second to meditate

listen and relax

Jazz in the Background

Relax + Unwind

Spa Music & Meditation

learn yoga moves