Arts Education Leads

Mark Gross

Director of Jazz Instruction

Mark Gross has been involved with NJPAC since the early 2000s when he first taught saxophone at Wells Fargo Jazz for Teens for eight years and is now going into his fifth year as a music director. In addition to being a teaching artist for NJPAC, Gross has toured all over the country as a musician, performed on Broadway, and recorded albums such as his most recent work, + Strings.

Purple Haze

Director of Hip Hop Education

Sheikia S. Norris, lyrically known as Purple Haze, resides in Newark, New Jersey. Purple connects with students intentionally through powerful engagement and love for Hip Hop culture and community. Enthusiasts of the art form appreciates her energy, impeccable flow and a clever deliverance of truth. Purple has mastered her own rich style of delivering lyrics and developing parallel teaching techniques. Rapidly growing a reputation for being a lead contributor to Hip Hop education and cultural preservation, Purple is passionate about collectively bridging art & culture, education & wellness.


  • Adegoke Steve Colson
  • Earl McIntyre
  • Irio O'Farrill
  • Jackie Jones
  • Joseph Bergen
  • Lara Gonzalez
  • Michael Feinberg
  • Noel Sagerman
  • Sylvia Cuenca

Musical Theater

  • Alex Ratner
  • Colleen Hawks
  • Daryl L. Stewart
  • Elisa Van Duyne
  • Lisa Gunn-Becker
  • Madeline Calandrillo
  • Patrisha Gibson
  • Vanessa A Jones
  • Wincey Terry

Devised Theater

  • Andrea Seigel
  • Dan Drew
  • Doriane Swain
  • Jennica Carmona
  • Laine Barton
  • Nikiya Mathis


  • Ann Dragich
  • Angela Bowman
  • Carina Rubaja
  • Diana Crum
  • Josef Woodson
  • Justin Dominic
  • Mary Brienza
  • Rachael Davidson

Hip Hop

  • D.Cross - Derick Cross
  • Karen Ng


  • E. Jane Keitel
  • Erica Bradshaw