Board of Directors

Steven M. Goldman, Esq.

Co-Chair of the Board

Barry H. Ostrowsky, Esq.

Co-Chair of the Board

John Schreiber

President and CEO

“I fell in love with the theater and I thought, I don’t know how, but I want to be part of that.

I grew up in Queens, and I lived at the last stop on the subway. Starting at the age of nine, my parents let me take the subway into the city, and they gave me $5, and I could buy a seat in the balcony at a Broadway show. I have memories of seeing Carol Channing in Hello Dolly, Angela Lansbury in Mame, Linda Lavin in It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman. And I fell in love with the theater and with what it felt like to be transported into another world. I thought that was the greatest.

And I thought, I don’t know how, but I want to do that. I want to be part of that. When I went to college, I ran a concert series, and I started a summer theater. And I just knew that I needed to be in this universe somehow. I went to work for George Wein, who was the founder of the Newport Jazz Festival. I’ve been doing this sort of thing in music and theater and television and festivals ever since. And it’s been a glorious ride.

I’m especially proud that Savion Glover has become such an engaged and active part of our family here. Savion has this amazing ability to connect and inspire young people, give them a sense of confidence in themselves, a feeling of ownership of the development of the work they’re doing.

This past summer, he directed and choreographed a new production of The Tap Dance Kid, which he starred in when he was 11 on Broadway. To watch him recreate this work with a bunch of kids, three quarters of whom have never been on the stage before, it’s just magical. I can’t imagine that any of the children who are in that cast will ever forget what it is like to spend six weeks with a genius who is as kind as Savion is. It’s one thing to be a genius, another thing to be kind. To combine those two things in service of young people’s growth is very moving to me. I don’t care whether they become dentists or accountants or dancers or actors or whatever, man, it’s going to stick with them.

Marc E. Berson


Michael R. Griffinger, Esq.


Alma DeMetropolis, CFA

Assistant Secretary

Raymond G. Chambers

Founding Chair

William J. Marino

Chair Emeritus

Arthur F. Ryan

Chair Emeritus

Marcia Wilson Brown, Esq.


Marcia has over 30 years of leadership and community service experience in the Newark community. She is Vice Provost for the Rutgers Newark campus. In this capacity, she is the chief advisor and advocate for the University’s student life and community affairs activities and services. She is also the creator of the Student Ambassadors Outreach Program at Rutgers-Newark, which builds bridges between the campus and Newark high school students. Marcia is the co-founder of the South Ward Junior Crimefighters, Harriet Tubman Girls Club, and the Women of Imani, a charitable organization serving poor and low-income families. After graduating from Rutgers Law, she served in the position of Assistant Dean of the Minority Student Program (MSP) and Director of Financial Aid. In 1999, she was appointed Philanthropic Manager for the Lucent Technologies Foundation. Marcia served as a labor relations specialist and program manager with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development from 1980-1994.

She is the founder of Dare to Fly Productions whose focus is on classic stage plays, new original plays, experimental theater, mixed media productions and children’s theater. Marcia is also a poet and a singer. She resides in Long Branch, NJ.

Marsha I. Atkind
Lawrence E. Bathgate II, Esq.
James L. Bildner
Daniel M. Bloomfield, M.D.
Linda M. Bowden
Modia “Mo” Butler
Jacob S. Buurma, Esq.
Dr. Nancy Cantor
Kevin P. Conlin
Wayne Cooperman
J. Fletcher Creamer, Jr.
Pat A. Di Filippo
Robert H. Doherty
Patrick C. Dunican, Jr., Esq.
Debbie Dyson
Anne E. Estabrook
J. Andres Espinosa
Michael Fucci
Christine C. Gilfillan
Savion Glover
Steven E. Gross, Esq.
Ryan P. Haygood, Esq.
William V. Hickey
Jeffrey T. Hoffman
Ralph Izzo, Ph.D.
David Jones
Jill Kaplan
The Hon. Thomas H. Kean
Scott Kobler, Esq.
Mitchell Livingston
Charles F. Lowrey
Charles J. Marchesani
Ellen B. Marshall
D. Nicholas Miceli
Victor Parsonnet, M.D.
Christopher R. Reidy
Donald A. Robinson, Esq.
Richard W. Roper
Philip R. Sellinger, Esq.
The Hon. Clifford M. Sobel
David S. Stone, Esq.
Michael A. Tanenbaum, Esq.
Rishi Varma
Carmen Villar
Robert C. Waggoner
Amrit Walia
Nina M. Wells, Esq.
Josh S. Weston
Tracey Wood
Karen C. Young

Ex Officio

  • The Hon. Ras J. Baraka
  • Marcia Wilson Brown, Esq.
  • The Hon. Mildred C. Crump
  • The Hon. Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr.
  • Elizabeth A. Mattson
  • The Hon. Elizabeth Maher Muoio
  • The Hon. Philip D. Murphy
  • The Hon. Tahesha Way

Directors Emeriti

  • Dennis Bone
  • Barbara Bell Coleman
  • Albert R. Gamper
  • Veronica M. Goldberg
  • Judith Jamison
  • A. Michael Lipper, CFA
  • Morris Tanenbaum
  • Diana T. Vagelos

Women at NJPAC Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Marcia Wilson Brown, Esq., President
Suzanne M. Spero, Co-Executive Vice President
Faith Taylor, Co-Executive Vice President
Deborah Q. Belfatto,Vice President
Mindy A. Cohen, Vice President
Michellene Davis, Esq., Treasurer
Lisa Osofsky, Assistant Treasurer
Christine Pearson, Secretary


Dini Ajmani
Beverly Baker-Jackson, Esq.
Audrey Bartner
Sherri-Ann P. Butterfield, Ph.D
Patricia L. Capawana
Alejandra Ceja
Patricia A. Chambers*
Carol Chartouni
Sally Chubb* **
Barbara Bell Coleman**
Antoinette Ellis-Williams
Catherine J. Flynn
Christine C. Gilfillan
Tenagne Girma-Jeffries
Aisha Glover
Veronica M. Goldberg* **
Sheila F. Klehm**
Margarethe Laurenzi
Ruth C. Lipper**
Dena F. Lowenbach
Sonia Luaces
Marlie Massena
Robin Cruz McClearn
Gabriella E. Morris, Esq.*
Ferlanda Fox Nixon, Esq.
Mary Beth O’Connor
   Immediate Past President
Mary Kay Strangfeld**
Mikki Taylor
Diana T. Vagelos* **
Nina M. Wells, Esq.

*Founding Member
**Trustee Emerita

Council of Trustees

Val Azzoli
Michael F. Bartow
Rona Brummer
John M. Castrucci
Elizabeth G. Christopherson
Susan Cole, Ph.D.
Robert S. Constable
Irene Cooper-Basch
Anthony R. Coscia, Esq.
Edward Cruz
Andrea Cummis
Samuel A. Delgado
Steven J. Diner, Ph.D.
Andrew Dumas, Esq.
Dawood Farahi, Ph.D.
Curtland E. Fields
Albert R. Gamper
Bruce I. Goldstein, Esq.
Renee Golush
Paula Gottesman
Sandra Greenberg
Kent C. Hiteshew
Patrick E. Hobbs
John A. Hoffman, Esq.
Lawrence S. Horn, Esq.
Rev. M. William Howard, Jr.
Rev. Reginald Jackson
Howard Jacobs
Byerte Johnson, Ph.D.
Robert L. Johnson, M.D.
Penny Joseph
Donald M. Karp
Gene R. Korf, Esq.
Rabbi Clifford M. Kulwin
Ellen W. Lambert, Esq.
Paul Lichtman
Kevin Luing
Joseph Manfredi
Antonio S. Matinho
Bari J. Mattes
John E. McCormac
Catherine M. McFarland
Joyce R. Michaelson
Edwin S. Olsen
Richard Pechter
Daria M. Placitella
Jay R. Post, Jr., CFP
Steven J. Pozycki
Marian Rocker
David J. Satz, Esq.
Barbara J. Scott
Marla S. Smith
Suzanne M. Spero
Joseph P. Starkey
Sylvia Steiner
Arthur R. Stern
Andrew Vagelos
Richard J. Vezza
Kim Wachtel
Rita K. Waldor
Constance K. Weaver
Elnardo J. Webster, II
E. Belvin Williams, Ph.D.
Gary M. Wingens, Esq.