“Winter Shared Space”  Podcast Trailers & Graphic Designs 
This Winter, Hip Hop participants filled in the blank with creative writing and recording Podcast trailers. You are invited to our Shared Space where we turn up reality, fantasy, and interest. Hip Hop has and always will honor the voice of the youth, so press play and feel the frequency of creativity.


“Graffiti Works” Virtual Exhibit 
From ancient times to today, writings on the wall continue to beautify and translate what one wants to express. Check out the wild style, block & bubble letters, colors, symbols, and tag signatures of our artist citizens.

“The L” by London
“UP” by Juicy Jax
“Juicy Jax” by Juicy Jax
“Go Away Corona Virus” by K Money
“MVP” by Brandon G
“QP53” by QP

“Beats Blossom” by KMBeatz
“Blossom” by KMBeatz
“KM Beatz” by KMBeatz
“Graffoto” by Slik Bailey
“Malakai Truth” by Truth
“Truth” by Truth

“KAYSHANNA” by K Money
“523” by K Money
“Balla” by Balla J
“Block Lil B” Balla J
“Bubble Lil B” by Balla J
“TAGS” by Bennett


“Branding” Logos & Business Cards 
Our Hip Hop participants build their brand, share the 411 & let you know what’s up with logo designs, business cards, and animated image IDs! Get into these graphics and intros to design.

Peachpuff Photography by Brandon G
Truth Business Card by Truth
KM Beatz Logo by KMBeatz
SuperSelf by KM Beats
Fire Merch Logo by Fire Merch
“Wild Cats” by K Money
Royal Crew by K Money
Untitled by Balla J

Lead by

Mr. Whitaker

Graffiti & Graphic Design Teaching Artist

D. Cross

Graffiti & Graphic Design Teaching Artist

Boshia Rae-Jean

Graphic Design & Podcasting Teaching Artist


Podcasting Teaching Artist

DJ G. Silva

Music Production, Recording & Sound Engineering Teaching Artist

Ms. M

Podcast Teaching Artist


Graffiti Teaching Artist


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