9 – 18
Class Time:
10AM – 1:30PM
Dates: Saturdays
Fall Semester: October 23 – December 18
Winter Semester: January 22 – March 19
Spring Semester: April 2 – May 21
Tuition: $50 per trimester

Purple Haze

Director of Hip Hop Education
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About our program

NJPAC’s Hip Hop program celebrates authenticity. We acknowledge, embrace and respect everyone’s genius. We believe our affirming community contributes to peace, love & unity.

Mission Statement

NJPAC’s Hip Hop Pathway programs are experimental & experiential learning communities designed to discover, embrace, and utilize knowledge of self through art-making, learning about Hip Hop culture, and career exploration.

Alter the Air with Beatmaking

Fall Trimester: Oct 23 – Dec 18
This class explores how to use techniques like sampling, arrangement, sound selection and frequency to produce original digital tracks. You will also practice the arts of beatboxing and DJing.

Podcasting, Graffiti & Graphic Design 

Winter Trimester: Jan 22 – Mar 19
The art forms of podcasting, graffiti and graphic design have totally transformed how we stop, look and listen! In this class, you’ll write and record your own podcast to flip the script on a topic that matters to you. You’ll also create “signs of the times” with graffiti and digital graphic designs.

Connect, Collab, Create & Pop with Rap Lyrics & Dance

Spring Trimester: Apr 2 – May 21
Find your hip hop style as you play with words and movements. In this class, we’ll get on our feet to try hip hop dances from then and now. We’ll also uncover the secrets to writing a great rap in your own voice— and we’ll perform and record our original lyrics. Working together and encouraging each other, we’ll build confidence and learn how to get into the moment.

Hip Hop students have the opportunity to experiment and learn more about the technology associated with their Saturday training in a Tech Lab every Tuesday from 6 – 7:30PM.


When you sign up for Act Out Loud, you’re invited to IN THE MIX—a virtual clubhouse for students across all NJPAC programs. Talk about what’s going on in your lives and around the world. Explore the issues that matter to you, from climate change to social justice. Make friends, make art and make a difference! More information to follow. More details to come upon registration.

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