Ages: 10 – 18
Dates: Jul 6 – Jul 31
Time: 10AM – 12:30PM (EST)
All Access: $75
Rise sessions: $50

Spend your summer expressing yourself through Hip Hop culture and art. Build skills and techniques with a faculty of professional Hip Hop ambassadors and entertainers. You will learn:

Beatmaking: Music Production, Beatboxing & DJ 

Movement: Breakin/Classic Hip Hop Dance, Today’s Trends and Choreography

Emcee’in/Rap: Lyric Writing, Spoken Word Poetry, Recording and Performance

Visual Arts: Graffiti & Repurposing Materials

Jersey Arts People’s Choice Award Winner for “Favorite Performing Arts Camp”

Purple Haze

Director of Hip Hop Education
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Peace Love & Unity from our Community,

The Summer of 2020 is the 6th seasonal offering of our trailblazing Hip Hop Summer Intensive program. As the artistic director, here from the beginning, it is with love and respect we continue on!

For the past six years, our community of young artist citizens ages 10 -18yrs have participated in our 4 week Summer intensive programs. Partnering with extraordinary teaching artists, we intentionally offer an experimental & experiential learning community designed to discover, embrace, and utilize knowledge of self through art-making, learning about Hip Hop culture, and career exploration.

This year, our engagement will be based on the power of one’s vision. We are inviting all individuals, the artist identified or not, to express tender truths as visionaries, transforming the world in community. The art-making process will invite us to be bold, brave, vocal, and visible. The art and maker will be authentic.

Our co-creators learn Hip Hop history, practice cultural values, principles, and purpose, while being guided to authentically and creatively express themselves through the fundamental Hip Hop elements, Beatmaking (DJ’ing, Beatboxin’, Music Production), Dance (classics to today’s trends), Emcee’in/Rap (lyric writing, performance & recording), Graffiti/Visual Art (individual & collaborative with repurposing materials).

“Yes, Yes, Yall”, youth are highly encouraged to be themselves, trust themselves, trust each other, their ideas, and the process. As we celebrate each Individual giving and receiving from what they have to share as a contribution to everyone’s energy being elevated.

This opportunity to embrace our humanity, connect and contribute to each other’s vision through small interactions will be cultivated with love and kindness. We will affirm that peace, love, unity, and fun is timeless and possible no matter what!

With respect,


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