Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Amália Rodrigues, the legendary fadista and best-selling Portuguese performer of all time. This world debut concert features

three phenomenal fado artists with close ties to Amália: Amália’s niece Fábia Rebordão, Amália’s guitarist Jorge Fernando and Amália’s great-grandnephew Gaspar Varela.

Fábia Rebordão, niece of Amália Rodrigues, is recognized as one of the best singers of the new fado generation with a bold look and sound all her own. Fábia effortlessly switches between music genres including soul, bossa nova, blues and jazz.

Jorge Fernando is a nationally cherished singer, guitar player and composer of Portuguese music. He has shared the stage with fadistas Mariza and Ana Moura and produced many of their best albums, and he accompanied Amália Rodrigues around the world as her guitarist.

Gaspar Varela, hot off Madonna’s MadamX tour, is a 16-year-old Portuguese guitarra prodigy carrying on the proud fado legacy of his great-grandmother Celeste Rodrigues and her sister, Amália Rodrigues.


This event is part of the Fado Festival NY and NJ produced by Isabel Soffer/LiveSounds.org and Helder Moutinho Productions