From record-breaking heat to catastrophic flooding, earthquakes and intense droughts, the world has suffered the disastrous consequences of climate change. While no one is immune from the harmful effects, low-income and communities of color remain disproportionately affected by environmental stressors.

The Environmental Justice Law, signed by Governor Phil Murphy in 2020, makes New Jersey the first state in the country with the ability to issue denials for new facilities with disproportionate impacts on “environmentally overburdened communities.” But is this legislation sufficient to reverse the damage done to under-resourced communities? And how much power does an individual have to enforce environmental protections?

The conversation for this month’s Standing in Solidarity program is inspired by the film The Meaning of the Seed. Please watch the documentary and join our panel of activists in the field of environmental justice.

How to participate:

    1. Register here.
    2. Watch The Meaning of the Seed.
    3. Join us for a virtual panel discussion on Mon, Dec 18, at 7PM.

Our panel will be moderated by Dr. Micaela Martinez, Director of Environmental Health at WE ACT for Environmental Justice

Our panelists include:

Ana Baptista, Associate Professor in the Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management program and Co-Director of the Tishman Environment and Design Center at The New School University.

Kim Gaddy, Founder of the South Ward Environmental Alliance (SWEA), a grassroots environmental justice organization comprised of Newark residents and community-based organizations

Maria Lopez-Nuñez, Deputy Director of Advocacy and Organizing at Ironbound Community Corporation

SD Smith (Owl), a Ramapough Munsee professor, educator and lawyer with expertise in environmental law

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