Listening. Learning. Sharing. Taking action. Advancing ideas and solutions to accelerate social justice demands that all of us take these simple, powerful steps. Everyone at NJPAC stands in solidarity with those fighting against structural racism, societal inequity, and police brutality, and for civil rights, multiculturalism and authentic inclusion. Changing the world requires the efforts of everyone. Now, more than ever, each of us has an indispensable part to play.

John Schreiber, President & CEO, NJPAC

To bring our community together, and to encourage everyone to take part in the movement to ensure civil rights for all, NJPAC has launched a series of events and initiatives focused on promoting racial equality. On these pages, you can find resources that will help you take action, in the voting booth and elsewhere, and join us for conversations and discussions that can help you understand the issues we’re all grappling with today. Join us here to learn more, do more and help our nation achieve the more perfect union it always promised.


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Make an impact! Harness your power as a citizen with these tools, which will guide you through registering to vote and contacting your representatives in Trenton and in Washington, D.C., to make your voice heard.


Democracy, Voting, Census: A Conversation About Power

Violence, Empowerment, and Allyship: The Asian Experience in America

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Online Resources:




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