Make your voice heard with poetry and jazz!

Explore the intersection between music and the written word in our free City Verses Poetry Workshops for adults (ages 18+). In the virtual classroom, we’ll read and discuss work by Franny Choi, Natalie Diaz, Paul Tran, and other poets to guide us in our own writing. Our generative prompts will encourage writers to follow the possibilities of world-building and mythmaking. With a strong emphasis on the musicality of language and form, we’ll meditate and write about our life’s pillars, joys, and ongoing questions.

Our faculty of poets from the Rutgers-Newark MFA Creative Writing Program look forward to seeing you in one or more of the 5 available workshops! No experience is necessary.

All Workshops are held at 6 PM EST

October 27:
Clairaudience: Crushes, Cures, & Curtains
Instructors: Shannon Pulusan & Rachel Han

November 3:
Agape: Neither Created, Nor Destroyed
Instructors: Devonaire Ortiz & Attorious Renee Augustin

November 10:
Metaphysics: Magick in Myth-Making
Instructors: Attorious Renee Augustin & Rachel Han

December 1:
Axiology: Moon Glow on Open Road
Instructors: Rachel Han & Devonaire Ortiz

December 8:
Cosmos: A Look Out, Around & Within
Instructors: Attorious Renee Augustin & Shannon Pulusan

Workshop Poets

Devonaire Ortiz

master of fine arts poet
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Shannon Pulusan

master of fine arts poet
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Rachel Han

master of fine arts poet
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Attorious Renee Augustin

Master of Fine Arts Poet
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