The effects of colorism — bias against those with darker skin, both within and beyond communities of color — are multiple and widespread. From Black social organizations that historically denied entry to those who could not pass the “paper bag test,” to the marginalization of Afro-Latinx performers in the recent film In the Heights, examples of colorism are many, but the topic can sometimes be elided in discussions of racial justice.

NJPAC invites you to join us for Colorism: The Darker Side of Fair, the next PSEG True Diversity Film Series screening and panel discussion, which will delve into the impact of colorism in America and other nations. Before we meet, we’ll screen the 2004 documentary A Darker Side of Fair, which focuses on the prejudice against darker-skinned women in India.

NJPAC’s PSEG True Diversity Film Series focuses on films that examine different aspects of the ongoing social justice movement. To continue these presentations safely during the pandemic, the series follows a book club model: We’ll watch the selected films in our homes, then come together online to discuss them with panelists who can offer context. 

We encourage you to view The Darker Side of Fair on your own schedule; you will receive a link enabling you to watch the film online a week before our discussion. Then, join us for a virtual panel discussion at 7PM on Monday, October 25, 2021. Our panel will be moderated by Allison Antwi,  Assistant Dean of Equity, Justice, and Engagement at Seton Hall University School of Law, and the manager of a diversity education consultancy, which offered initiatives designed to help students build confidence in their identities, with a focus on colorism and body size positivity. 

Our panelists will include:

Dash Harris Machado is a multimedia producer, the co-founder of AfroLatinx Travel and a facilitator of classes on Black Latin American History. Dash is the producer of NEGRO: A docu-series about Latino Identity, which explores the historical and present-day class, race, and color complex among Latines..

Sathish Rajamani, CEO of Four Clover Technology Solutions and Adjunct Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, who often works as a career coach and motivational speaker, in addition to his work in IT leadership.As an immigrant to the U.S., Satish will share his personal and business experiences confronting colorishm.

Hector L Perez, a Rutgers University-Newark graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, who has worked with multiple nonprofit organizations across Essex County.

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