Hear two debuting stars—Markus Stenz, whose masterful interpretation of Brahms is legendary, and Juho Pohjonen, whose Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center recitals drew raves from The New York Times.

MARKUS STENZ conductor


REBEL “Chaos” from Les élémens (NJSO Premiere)

Louis XIV’s favorite composer, Rebel stunned the king in the 1730s with this depiction of creation that incorporated harmonies 200 years ahead of their time.

GRIEG Piano Concerto

Iconic opening chords herald an eternal favorite. Grieg poured the exquisite beauty of Norwegian fjords and folksongs into his only concerto.

BRAHMS Symphony No. 2

Brahms’ symphonies are cherished for their expression of a profound depth of human feeling. His Second radiates warmth and joy, with soaring strings, singable melodies and a thrilling finale of blazing brass.