Celebrate the incredible legacy of dancer, choreographer, and educator Nai-Ni Chen with this special performance. Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company has been a beloved presence at NJPAC since we first opened our doors in 1997. And we’re honored to pay tribute to the life and work of our friend Nai-Ni Chen on the NJPAC stage. In addition to vibrant dance commemorating the Year of the Water Tiger, we’ll also be joined by the innovative Ahn Trio (featuring Lucia Ahn on piano, Angella Ahn on violin, and Maria Ahn on cello).


Double Lions Welcome Spring 
Choreography by  Nai-Ni Chen 
Chinese folk music and costumes 
Performed by  Sonny Shiu, Candace Jarvis, Evan Stewart, Jainil Mehta, Namhui Kim, Yaozhong Zhang 

Choreography by  Nai-Ni Chen 
Music by  Henry Wolff and Nancy Henning, Robert Rich, Sainkho Namtchylak
Costume Design by  Olu-Orondava 
Performed by  Rio Kikuchi, Namhui Kim, Candice Jarvis, Hannah Jew

Green Lotus 
Choreography by  Nai-Ni Chen 
Chinese traditional music 
Performed by  FA Dance Junior Division Dancers (7-9): Lily Wang, Charlotte Gao, ALice Hou,  Audrey Ning, Alexandra Hsun, Isabella Bao, Chloe Hao, Sophie Yao

Festival/Dragon Parade 
Choreography by  Nai-Ni Chen 
Chinese traditional music 
Lighting Design by  A.C. Hickox 
Costume Design by  Hilarie Blumenthal 
Performed by the  Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company

Incense (2003) 
Choreography by  Nai-Ni Chen 
Music by  Joan La Barbara 
Costume Design by Karen Young 
Performed by  Evan Matthew Stewart, Jainil Mehta, Candace Jarvis, Rio Kikuchi 

Ave Maria 
Music by  Johann Sebastian Bach/Charles Gounod 
Performed by the Ahn Trio: 
Lucia Ahn, piano 
Angella Ahn, violin 
Maria Ahn, cello 

Concrete Stream 
Choreography by  Nai-Ni Chen 
Music by  Kenji Bunch 
Music performed by the Ahn Trio 
Performed by  Greta Campo, Candace Jarvis, Rio Kikuchi, Evan Matthew Stewart,  Namhui Kim, Jainil Mehta

A Word for Freedom  
by Latif Nazemi 
Translated from Persian/Dari by Bashir Sakhawarz

Music by David Balakrishnan 
Arranged by Kenji Bunch 
Performed by the Ahn Trio

Unity (2022) 
Choreography by  Nai-Ni Chen, PeiJu Chien-Pott 
Composed by  Jason Kao Hwang 
Music by  Jason Kao Hwang  
Featuring the voice of Deanna Relyea  
Percussion by Andrew Drury 
Costume Design by Angel Tsai and SoHarlem’s team, led by Javier Valencia 
Performed by  Evan Matthew Stewart, Candace Jarvis, Greta Campo,  Sonny Shiu, Rio Kikuchi, Jainil Mentha 


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