Each year, we come together for an extravagant celebration of ballroom culture as we adorn elegant attire and honor the vibrant history of the LGBTQ+ community. Together, we shine a spotlight on the extraordinary resilience of ballroom legends and the hopeful determination of the younger generation following in their footsteps.
We are excited about creating this space for the LGBTQ+ community with the help of our presenting sponsor, Women@NJPAC, our surrounding businesses and community organizations.
Last year, our iconic co-hosts, Tyra Oldnavy and Havoc Ferragamo, along with legendary DJ, Ignite Ferragamo, entertained audiences while participating houses: Dior, Gabbana, Milan, OldNavy, Playboy, Telfar battled it out on the runway in the following categories:
1. Best Dressed Guest: This category you must wear your look to the ball. Your look must be memorable and fashionable.
2. Realness: The look is up to you, but remember, it’s what you will be remembered as:

  1. Executive, School Boy, Pretty Boy, Transman, Legend/Icon
  2. Drags, Fem Queen, Androgynous, Pretty Girl, Banjee girl, Legendary/Icon

3. Face – The Magazine Cover! Legacy Magazine is looking for the next best face. Who will grace the cover of this month’s issue? The look is on you, this is your headshot!
4. Runway – The Lost Gems! Using a prop of your choice, pay homage to our fallen angels. You must have a picture of them on you, a prop, and a reason their legacy lives on.
5. Revelations Legacy Performance: Bring it as an Ailey Dancer and highlight Alvin Ailey’s Revelations! Voguing has evolved from generation to generation. The legacy left by the timeless performers will never be forgotten. We must be able to see your reference from the look to performance. Bring a picture that inspired your look.

Join us this year for another celebration of community and legacy!