Xian Zhang conductor
Tom Borrow piano
New Jersey Symphony

David Ludwig NightVision
The New Jersey Symphony premiered this fantastic music in 2000, catching Ludwig at the launch of a career that now finds him Dean of Juilliard. Hear again, or for the first time, the promise of a young artist in full command of a virtuoso orchestra.

Mozart Piano Concerto No. 24
You can say you heard him when, because young pianist Tom Borrow has been named “the very definition of ‘one to watch’” (International Piano). He brings his jaw-dropping technique and poet’s soul to Mozart’s most dramatic concerto.

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5
Brass choruses will make the hall ring in this most beloved of Tchaikovsky’s six symphonies. The composer wrestled with fate in his Fifth, and filled it from start to finish with musical electricity and hope.