Xian Zhang conductor
Robert Ingliss oboe (Feb 22nd only)
Eric Wyrick violin
New Jersey Symphony

Reena Esmail RE|Member (Feb 22nd only)
Reena Esmail’s wildly colorful overture RE|Member came to life during the pandemic. What a joy, as it celebrates the regathering of musicians and has a fun bit of stage wizardry for oboe.

R. Strauss Oboe Concerto (Feb 22nd only)
In the days right after World War II, with his beloved German homeland in rubble, many thought Richard Strauss’ composing pen had dried up. What a surprise when he created this gorgeous masterpiece for oboe, played here by our magnificent principal Robert Ingliss.

Vivaldi The Four Seasons
Every mood and movement of the seasons is here, from sticky summer heat to slip-slidin’ on winter’s ice. Concertmaster Eric Wyrick’s virtuoso violin shines throughout.