Xian Zhang conductor
Andrew Adelson oboe d’amore
Jana McIntyre soprano
Barry Banks tenor
Hugh Russell baritone
Montclair State University Chorale | Heather J. Buchanan, director
New Jersey Symphony

Augusta Read Thomas Selections from Jubilee
The New Yorker called this 2010 orchestral suite “joyous and electric.” Thomas’ concert-opener is perfectly titled and a superb way to help you shake off late winter.

J.S. Bach Oboe d’Amore Concerto
Your first time to hear the oboe d’amore? This duskier cousin of the modern oboe has a soulful, sweet sound that Bach adored and placed at the center of this piece of reverence and reflection.

Orff Carmina Burana
Medieval monks had more on their minds than scripture–women, beer and the ever-turning wheel of fate most prominent. Orff set their words to dramatically colorful music in his iconic Carmina Burana.